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Immediate Openings For Amazon Delivery Drivers- Starting at $21.25 -$21.50/Hr Plus Benefits



Avantt Logistics is part of the new, fast growing ‘last mile delivery’ industry. We provide delivery services from warehouse to the end customer seven days a week in the Downers Grove, IL and Greater Chicago area. Our focus is complete satisfaction of our partners and end customers. We are an Authorized Amazon Delivery Service Partner. Avantt Logistics is a Veteran Owned Small Business.


Our Vision & Values

As a world class provider of package delivery services, Avantt Logistics is the leader in providing superior logistics services. We bring exceptional value to our customers, reward our stakeholders appropriately, and provide an environment where our employees can grow to achieve the heights of their dreams.

Integrity - We do what we say we’ll do. We walk the talk.

Radical Ethics - Our goal is Transparency. Everything we say and do is open for anyone to see 24/365 as we strive for the highest possible ethical standards.

Fun - The objective is to have fun – otherwise, why bother?

Balance - Our goal is balance in our personal and professional lives. Take time to smell the roses.

Clients First - We will do what is right for the client regardless of the cost to our company.

Hard Work - It is exhilarating to watch people and organizations grow!

Relationships - We operate with a sense of community where everyone has a place and a value. The quality of our interaction is our standard of measure.

Competitiveness - We like the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning, and we will do it ethically.


Now Hiring


Looking For Employment? We Are Hiring Amazon Delivery Drivers Starting at $21.25 – $21.50/hr!

We are looking for motivated, exceptional customer service individuals who happen to drive delivery vans to make our customer smile. Tell us about your customer and driving experiences and why you would make an exceptional Delivery Associate for our company.

We look forward to meeting with you if you qualify. Our employees are the key to our success as a team. Team members start at a competitive wage, earn promotions based on performance, and enjoy great benefits including medical insurance, and high-performance bonuses.

Supporting Your Success

We have a passion for our team members and do everything we can to help them succeed. In this very fast paced  environment, you will find a supportive, high performing team that has a strong work ethic and performs every day to a very high level of performance. 

Quality Equipment

Our Delivery Associates are provided with the latest high-tech vans, delivery and mapping equipment. We use state of the art technology to ensure safety and efficiency while delivery smiles to our customers every single day.  We provide the best equipment to help you succeed.


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